Evaluation of the First Two Years of the Holistic Legal Assistance Network (HLAN) Project

The Holistic Legal Assistance Network (HLAN) is an innovative project undertaken in 2013 by Rhode Island Legal Services (RILS) with funding support from the Kresge Foundation. Between August 2014 and April 2015, The Resource for Great Programs conducted an outcomes-based evaluation of the first two years of the HLAN Project.

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A small HLAN Unit LEVERAGES the legal aid program’s existing resources (intake system, administration, specialty units,) to MULTIPLY the impact on clients’ lives.

HLAN produces positive outcomes in many more cases than not; PLUS...

HLAN maximizes client’s STABILITY - Housing, Income, Family.

278 Clients were served by the HLAN project during the first two years.
815 Legal Problems were presented by the clients, an average of THREE problems per client.

Methodology of the Evaluation

Interviews and focus groups were held with HLAN clients, staff, and partner agency representatives during a site visit to HLAN in August 2014.

Statistical analysis was performed using HLAN data on outputs, outcomes, and client satisfaction with services.

In-depth analysis of 10 HLAN cases was performed using redacted case notes from case activity files.

On-line work sessions were held with the HLAN project team to discuss evaluation activities and review findings on-the-fly as the evaluation proceeded.

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