RILS' Low-Income Tax Clinic provides low income taxpayers free legal assistance on federal tax matters. This exciting new project is designed to meet the needs of low income Rhode Islanders who are experiencing difficulties with the Internal Revenue Service. We are able to serve clients with incomes up to 250 % of the federal poverty guideline, which in 2003, for a family of four was an annual income of $46,000.00.

A RILS site visit from the Internal Revenue Services' Taxpayer Advocate Office resulted in a very positive response to the newly established program. The program is being implemented by a managing attorney, with the assistance of a local tax attorney who is a long time RILS Board Member and former President of the Rhode Island Bar Association.

RILS has brochures available in Spanish and English that explain our focus on audit examinations, collections, liens and/or levies, innocent and injured spouse claims, chjild tax credits and dependent exemptions.

Please visit our tax clinic website at http://www.lowincometaxclinic.org