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Rhode Island Legal Services provides high quality legal assistance and representation to low-income individuals and eligible client groups in Rhode Island for the purpose of improving their economic condition and overall wellbeing by protecting and enforcing legal rights, stabilizing the family unit and communities where clients live, promoting self reliance, ending domestic violence, preventing homelessness, affording dignity to all people, and reaching out to groups with added burdens on their ability to access the civil justice system.

Rhode Island Legal Services, Inc.'s vision is for a fair, just and equitable legal system, which is accessible to all members of the community without discrimination and to eliminate barriers to justice through high quality legal services, education, and community partnerships. We envision a state where low-income people have access to services and resources to meet their basic needs and where all residents can vindicate their legal rights and be treated fairly throughout the civil justice system.


You can make your donations at anytime between March 31 and April 3, 2023. Your donation to Rhode Island Legal Services will help fund our Mission of providing high quality legal assistance. Moreover, your gift will help us implement a Racial Justice Project or our Client Business Center. Thank you for your continued support.


Our mission is to provide legal representation to low-income people for the purpose of improving their economic and human condition by protecting and enforcing legal rights; stabilizing the family unit; promoting self reliance; reaching out to groups with added burdens on their access to the legal system and affording dignity to people. Please click the button below NOW to support this important work.


While completing the application does not mean that RILS will be able to help you, once the application is submitted, and if it appears that you may qualify for our services, you will be contacted to verify the information you have given us in the application and to determine if we can assist you with your particular legal problem.

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