Our Staff

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Acevedo, Gloria      Legal Secretary(401) 274-2652 Ext. 124[email protected]
Aiken, Denise      Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 136[email protected]
Alvelo, Omayra      Legal Assistant(401) 274-2652 Ext. 133[email protected]
Angelone, Rebecca      Director of Holistic Advocacy(401) 274-2652 Ext. 167[email protected]
Antoch, Tiffany      Managing Attorney(401)846-2264 Ext. 11[email protected]


Bagian, Steve      Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 137[email protected]
Barge, Robert      Executive Director(401) 274-2652 Ext. 121[email protected]
Blount, Tristan      Legal Secretary(401) 274-2652 Ext. 109[email protected]
Brackman, David      Elder Law Protection Project/Responsible Parent Project(401) 274-2652 Ext. 141[email protected]
Broadbent, Gail      Legal Assistant(401)846-2264 Ext. 10[email protected]
Burbach, Heather      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 104[email protected]


Cardillo, Tiffany      Finance Officer(401) 274-2652 Ext. 143[email protected]
Carrara, Nicola      Executive Assistant/Office Manager(401) 274-2652 Ext. 115[email protected]
Concepcion, Elizabeth      Receptionist(401) 274-2652 Ext. 300[email protected]
Connor, Alicia      Staff Attorney(401)846-2264 Ext. 12[email protected]
Covington, Judith      Legal Assistant(401) 274-2652 Ext. 186[email protected]


DiCristofaro, Maureen      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 107[email protected]


Eleoff, Brooklin      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 174[email protected]


Flores, Steven      Managing Attorney Housing Law Center(401) 274-2652 Ext. 182[email protected]
Furgal, Brian      Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 161[email protected]


Hermann, Tracy      Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 103[email protected]
Hogan Caron, Adela      Social Worker(401) 274-2652 Ext. 135[email protected]rils.org
Horsman, Rachel      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 120[email protected]


Kolb, Leslie      Legal Assistant(401) 274-2652 Ext. 117[email protected]
Kot, Veronika      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 164[email protected]


Lange, Troy      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 162[email protected]
Leveillee, David      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 127[email protected]
Louro, Bridgette      Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 163[email protected]


Rafferty Meara, Kelly      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 183[email protected]
Randall, Cheryl      File Clerk(401) 274-2652 Ext. 114[email protected]
Reiss, Benjamin      Director LITC(401) 274-2652 Ext. 165[email protected]
Rice, Maria      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. [email protected]
Rice, Owen      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 180[email protected]


Sabel, Robert      Director of Litigation(401)846-2264 Ext. 15[email protected]
Salomon, Nora      Supervising Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 116[email protected]


Velez, Solangel      Legal Secretary(401) 274-2652 Ext. 129[email protected]


Westerkamp, Dana      Legal Assistant(401) 274-2652 Ext. 145[email protected]


Zabelin, Michael      Staff Attorney(401) 274-2652 Ext. 152[email protected]